frederiqueK fine French artist painting womens emotions and unique beauty in oil

Ode to the Woman
Women Painted in Oil on Fine Art Canvas - Reflections of Women in Oil Paintings by Fine French Artist frederiqueK

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The march valley takes you in the hollow of one’hand and raises you skyward.
One enjoys looking at the peak of mountains
who seem to get closer to God
and sniff a purer, more luminous air.
The bourgeois home and slightly bonnète on its bumpy podium plays well its protective role.
A bit irritating by his very thinking side but she holds a painter!
A painter who comes from a distance.
No place on earth seems to appease it.
He understood that the paradise on this earth doesn’t exist because of men who populate it.
The only marvellous shelter is in the head where he imagines
caves populated with multicoloured fishes,
birds who tear the horizons,
incomparable flowers,
the whining suns,
ruffled hair trees,
cut breath,
blown up laughs,
mouse’s smiles, etc …
He is not alone.
A horde of characters accompanies him and populate the home.
This one is its kingdom and its subjects
women who breathe, dream, contemplate,
look at you, speak to you, mince about,
numerous ceremonials are bedecked.
See his fantastic world.
Do not make noise.
Just be the Peeping Tom behind the half-open door.
Do not move air,
do not make waves on the water.
Listen to his music;
feel refinement, sophistication,
the delicacy of the beings
who are present as ghosts
who live in the home
who delight him
who rustle ; the cloths twi the eyes smile
their pinkish souls glide.
It is rather odd,
a painter mad with the picture of the Woman
who lives in the Valley of the march with her husband.
As life would be nice and intriguing

- Bill West @ Art Agents International
USA Representatives for frederiqueK - Original Fine Art Oil Paintings that Reflect the many moods, looks, emotions and feelings of women...

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